Linz – Digital Trailblazer

Linz – Digital Trailblazer and European Leader in open Data.

Nowadays, data protection and digitalization are on everyone’s lips. An exciting development that has been running for some time in Linz is the ‘Open Commons Linz’ project.

The city of Linz took the initiative in 2009 by installing its own public server. Spread throughout the city, you will find 202 hotspots granting free WiFi access. Besides public spaces and parks, you can also surf the net free of charge on public transport. The public sector continues to expand the network to ensure that future generations have free internet access in public buildings such as museums, city libraries, youth centres and bathing facilities.

The project opens new perspectives for mobile surfing and working to residents, tourists and business travellers. The objective is to strengthen and boost creativity, transparency and participation in digital democracy. The municipality gathers data that is in turn made available to public institutions. This has already resulted in the development of new apps and allows for customization to keep pace with user behaviour.

This exciting development gives event organizers the opportunity to create new seminar and convention concepts. Come to Linz and find inspiration!

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